Perforated and Embossed Sheets

Perforated and Embossed Sheets

To place an order or request a quote, please keep in mind the following specifications:

Number of Sheets
Type of material: steel SAE 1010, SAE 1045, stainless steel, brass, copper, weathering steel (Cor-ten), aluminum, and others.
Size of sheet: width, length and thickness of the material. If necessary, indicate the width of blank margins.
Type of perforation: round, slot (oblong), decorative, customized holes, etc.
Diameter of perforation: in millimeters and, if possible, enter pattern number listed in the catalog and the distance between hole centers.
Direction of the perforation: indicate wether the perforation is in straight line or staggered arrangement, if the slot is parallel to the length or to the width of the sheet metal. To this purpose, please follow the illustrations.

Note: include a sketch if possible
Sheet curvature: (if necessary) for curved sheets (used in mills and screens) indicate the measures in the diagram (A, D, C, F, E) to ensure the exact degree of curvature.

pedidos chapas1  

Tipos de Perforaciones:

A Width of sheet
D Arc length
C Chord
F Middle ordinate
E Thickness

 pedidos chapas2  


1 Round holes 90º straight line
2 Round holes 60º staggered
3 Round holes 45º staggered
4 Square holes staggered
5 Square holes 90º straight line
6 Square holes 45º diagonal
7 Decorative
8 Slot holes staggered etween ends along the width
9 Slot holes straight along
the width
10 Slot holes straight along
the length
11 Slot holes staggered between ends along the length
12 Slot holes staggered along
the width
13 Slot holes staggered along
the length.







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