Expanded Metals

Expanded Metals

A greatly versatile material that allows a diversity of combinations of forms, materials, thicknesses and finishes.

Available in various types: Light, Medium, Heavy, and Extra heavy.

Light expanded metal is perfect for decorative uses, room dividers, coverings, radiant grids, filters, audio, and more.
Medium expanded metal is mostly applied on ceilings, stair treads, handrails, partitions, guards and various decorative uses.

Heavy and Extraheavy expanded metal can withstand great loads with minimum deflection, whether concentrated or uniform.

In addition to being non-slip, it has self-draining features and allows direct welding to other materials, which makes it ideal for all types of platforms, catwalks and guards.

Description: Heavy and structural Expanded Metal
Type: Standard
Material: Steel SAE 1010
Supplied in: Sheets
Special Products: In addition to standard, we fabricate customized products in a variety of materials such as stainless steel, copper, aluminium, etc. in cut to size orders.

6Most common applications: Catwalks, platforms, flooring, stair treads, ramps, fences, mezzanines, machine guards, doors, windows, ceilings, balconies, roofs, elevators, industrial partitions, warehouses, scaffolds, maintenance platforms, pallets, racks, shelves, guards, furniture screens, well and drainage covers, trench covers, tunnel guards, industrial filters, decoration, infrared ray heaters, ceramic drying, stoves, and more.

Main benefits: Safe

Fabricated under International Standards in the following materials: STEEL
Low Carbon SAE 1008 / 1010.

AISI 304 / 316 / 302 / 430.
Heat resistant AISI 310.

Pure copper

(suitable for anodization and chemical polishing)
Alloys for maritime use.

Semirigid plastic.






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