Diamond shaped Light / Medium

A greatly versatile material that allows a diversity of combinations of forms, materials, thicknesses and finishes.

Light expanded metal is perfect for decorative uses, room dividers, coverings, radiant grills, filters, audio, and more.

Medium expanded metal is mostly applied on ceilings, stair treads, handrails, partitions, guards and other decorative uses.

Placing an order :
Number of sheets or pieces.
Type of material: Steel SAE 1010, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, bronze / brass, pre-galvanized, electro-zinc coating and other alloys.
Dimensions of sheets: Length and width in mm. Standard widths are: 1000 mm, 1220 mm, available in sheets or coils, being the Long Way of Diamond parallel to the width of the sheet.
Pattern of mesh: Diamond
Dimensions of mesh:
Open area: Indicate in percentages.
Weight: Indicate in Kg/m2.
Available in: sheets or coils

Note: The sheet illustrations shown in this catalog are full size and expressed in millimeters (both thickness and width of strand are stated in 1/10 mm). These are just some of our products. Please, contact us to see other special products and measures.


pedido lym 1 pedido lym 2
pedido lym 3

LWD Long Way of Diamond
TS Thickness of strand (1/10mm)
WS Width of strand (1/10mm)
SWD Short Way of Diamond
TT Total thickness When placing an order it is important to
keep in mind that width always runs
parallel to the Long Way of Diamond
(LWD), and length runs parallel to the
Short Way of Diamond (SWD),
irrespective of


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