Heavy Diamond shaped

Selecting the Material:
In order to make the right choice of material it is important to determine first the overalll functional features required, such as load to withstand in Kg, width by length to be covered, open area and maintenance requirements.
To place an order or request a quote please take into consideration the following:
Number of sheets or pieces.
Type of Material: Steel SAE 1010, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, bronze/ brass, pre-galvanized, electro- zinc coating and other alloys.
Dimensions of sheets: Length and Width in mm. Standard widths are: 1040 mm, 1250 mm, 1500 mm available in sheets or coils, being the Long Way of Diamond parallel to the width of the sheet.
Pattern of mesh: Diamond
Dimensions of mesh:

Long Way of Diamond: Length of diamond measured from center to center parallel to the long way of diamond (this identifies the mesh style)

Short Way of Diamond: Width of diamond measured from center to center parallel to the short way of diamond..
Thickness of strand: specify in mm, inches or gauge, as per tables applicable for the different materials.
Width of strand: specify in mm.
Total thickness: of expanded sheet or material in mm.

pedido rombo1 pedido rombo2
pedido rombo3

LWD Long way of diamond
TS Thickness of strand
WS Width of strand
SWD Short diagonal
TT Total thickness When placing an order it is important to
keep in mind that width always runs
parallel to the Long Way of Diamond
(LWD) and length runs parallel to the
Short Way of Diamond (SWD),
irrespective of which of these sizes is

Open area or pasante: Indicate in percentage.
Weight: Indicate in Kg/m2..
Finish: Standard coating. We can also fulfill the following customized orders: electrolitic or hot-dip galvanization, electrostatic painting, chemical polishing and aluminum anodization.
Coating (FLATTEX): Flattened expanded metal that has been rolled through a flattening machine in the expanding process. Our processing capabilities are 3.20 mm. thick and a maximum 1350 mm wide.

NOTE: Please include a sketch if possible. Remember that for special orders you must indicate the direction of the Long Way of Diamond (if parallel to width or parallel to length of sheet).

Deflection table – For concentrated loads on structural expanded materials.

Deflection curve
Bottom Clearance/ Minimum landing in mm. 950 x 950 mm


pedido rombo4

                                                                                            Kg. per m2                                                                                                           Deflection in mm.                                                    


ref rombo1 177108 / 183543 / 268991 ref rombo3 148125 ref rombo5 27103
ref rombo2 181348 ref rombo4 180389 / 180338 / 27049 ref rombo6 181344



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