Metal Cloth

Metal Cloth

Metal cloths are manufactured in coils, depending on the length of the quantities required, in panels (flat or curved, with or without hook strips) and in special cut sizes based on drawings, templates or samples.
They can be woven in a great variety of metals and alloys, according to the requirements that must be met.
To place an order or request a quote, please keep in mind the following specifications:

Number of panels.
Mesh (or space): if a rectangular opening, indicate if parallel to length or to width of panel.
Diameter of Wire
Type of Material: Stainless Steel, TITÁN” Steel.
Dimensions of Panels: Total width, including the outer folds (indicate length and width of folds and type of plating, if required), length (if two or more panels will be used on the same floor, remember to provide for the necessary flanges).
Type of edge: angle and length of edge.
Brand and Size of the vibrating screen: type of sorting material.
Contact us for other apertures, wire diameters and angles of folds.


pedido titan 01


W Width
L Length
S Space
D Diameter of wire

Open Area


pedido titan 04


A Small open area.
Slow sieving, long duration.
B Medium open area
Faster sieving, shorter duration.
C Large open area
Fast sieving, short duration



pedido titan 03

1 Finishing at a 60ºangle - plated                           2Finishing at a 60º angle – without plating

pedido tela03 pedido tela02









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